As people become busier and busier in their everyday lives, extra efforts were needed to get influencers to participate in face-to-face press events that also boosts them to digital interaction. I utilized my concept development skills at Tikkurila to fine-tune these events with an event agency, and we were able to quadruple the number of participants and substantially increase social media mentions by investing in comprehensive experiences.

Case: Color Now 2018 was launched in a real home

To boost the Tikkurila Color Now 2018 concept with its yearly color collection, the event was organised in a real home of a known blogger. The whole apartment was painted with the beautiful colors from the collection so that the participants would see the difference the colors have on the space. The influencers were the first to get the premium Color Now Magazine and a paint sample of the color of the year during a cozy scone breakfast. The visual effect encouraged the influencers to talk about the colors online. Many of the participants said they stayed longer than expected and were delighted by the new way of hosting events with such wow effect. We also shared behind-the-scenes Instagram stories to engage other interior forerunners.

Case: Sustainable wood oils were celebrated with a garden party

In Spring 2018, Tikkurila launched new sustainable exterior wooden oils and we decided to organize a garden party in the city center with stunning patio installations designed by the talented art director Päivi Häikiö. Again, the event was a success based on the feedback, social media mentions and the number of influencers who participated. The whole program and breakfast were inspired by spring greens and there were also Tikkurila professionals and guest speakers giving tips for garden decoration. These presentations were shared with consumers via Instagram stories to start the season and get them inspired as well.

Images: Tikkurila

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