Due to my initiative and persistence, a content strategy and systematic content creation process were developed for Tikkurila together with a multidisciplinary team. Tikkurila offers a vast amount of instructive content to consumers, and my idea was to find the most meaningful ways to cost-efficiently produce targeted content for the B2C segment based on customer insight and business goals – think content as a service. With the strategy and renewed content concepts, we were able to improve our set metrics steadily, especially in customer engagement. I was in charge of the whole strategy, the content creation process and took active role in developing the content concepts and executing them online on the site and via social media.

Insights with research and a pilot

To understand where to head, as far as what channels and types of content to use, we did a quantitative survey and qualitative customer research using a representative sample of consumers. In addition, ideas were piloted via social media, where I focused on building proactive and reactive content based on interesting phenomena that related to our brand. Based on the results of this two-month pilot, we were able to find engaging concepts for the B2C audience.

Team work needed to create meaningful content

After the research phase, we did a lot of internal work throughout the organisation to understand the content motives per buying phase, and to set relevant metrics, define our tone-of-voice, channel roles and create content concepts further. The Content Program clarified the value of meaningful content and, the creation process and helped us offer content for different customer needs. The key learnings of this project were utilised when developing the Color Now 2018 concept.

Images: Tikkurila

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