As consumers value support during the painting project according to the research, I got the idea to start creating web articles on timely frequently asked questions taken from customer service reports on the Tikkurila website. As the main administrator of the site and with my understanding on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I was able to create content that generated a good level of visits without any promotion. The concept turned out to be a hero content type on our site, as these articles were on top of Google Analytics web traffic metrics throughout the year. The site hits overall over million users per year.

In addition to visual web articles, this concept was utilised also via social media, especially on Facebook. I created infographics and insightful posts, which enjoyed a great engagement level and activated the audience to ask additional customer service questions.

Examples of top performing articles (in Finnish):

Tips to paint kitchen cabinets

Tips to paint interior walls

Pictures: Tikkurila

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